12 Ways To Help Incorporate Exercise Into Your New Lifestyle Part 2

exerciseA New Year, a new you is usually what we like to think happens. You create New Year resolutions so that you lose weight, get in shape, exercise more, start a new career, or maybe buy a new home. Everyone wants to strive for something better or to be happier, what one do not count on is the fact that it is usually hard to do it alone or without a plan of some kind. That is why most of people fail when it comes to their resolutions. When it comes to being healthier, getting in shape, or losing weight – exercise is a big part of these resolutions.

No matter what your resolutions are they must be taken in small steps in order to have a lasting or permanent change because let’s face it nothing gets reinvented overnight.

Here are 6 ways to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle:

1. Exercise as a group – when you join others in exercising you get to spend time with friends as well as the benefits of exercise. Not only does exercise give you a way to have a good time with friends, family and colleagues but it also gives you an accountability partner.

2. Exercise will boost your well-being – exercise is not only a way to a longer life or disease prevention but it also attributes to your well-being. Exercise helps with many short-term things such as stress, energy levels, productivity, outlook, better sleep and feeling happier. Think in short-term goals more often than long-term as you will see the exercise gives you an immediate benefit.

3. The future – have you worked out in the past and just stopped and are now feeling guilty over it? Don’t! Only look to the future and what you can do about creating a clear plan for the future and then commit to it.

4. Avoid the stop, start, stop – it’s common to be “gung ho” about starting up your exercise regime and then stop and lose focus due to the craziness of life; of course, doing this only sets you up for a never ending cycle and no progress. Again this is why I speak about small steps or changes; Rome wasn’t built in a day. Start out small and find your favorite exercises that make you want to exercise every day.

5. Remember why you do it – it’s so easy to lose sight of the big picture and of what your motivation was to start exercising in the first place, which is why you must remind yourself daily to keep your motivation and your focus sharp.

6. Stretch – stretching is something to help after your workouts to keep the tension in your muscles relaxed. Stretching will help to cut down on muscle injuries and sore muscles the next day plus it is a relaxing way to end a hard workout.
So be sure to take time out for you and find a way to put exercise into your life one small step at a time.

If you need help finding a plan that best suits your lifestyle or would like help in discovering the right plan for yourself, contact me I can help! Please leave me a comment as well.

If you missed the first part to this blog you can read it here. Please visit my website for more information on getting healthy at http://www.nspirehealthyliving.com.

Mavis Kelley, CHHC, AADP is a Certified Integrative Health and Wellness Life Coach specializing in nutrition, health, well-being, fitness and lifestyle design. For more information or to schedule a breakthrough session, please contact her at: Mavis@nspirehealthyliving.net or visit her website at: http://NspireHealthyLiving.com.


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