More Tips on Avoid Winter Weight Gain

weight-loss-tipsIn an earlier blog, I discussed ways to avoid winter weight gain. I have a few more tips for you. Vitamin D deficiency happens because most people are not able to enjoy the sunshine which in turn affects mood and a motivation to eat healthy and exercise regularly. – as it is also, according to research, associated with obesity. Eating certain foods will also help with levels of vitamin D being maintained, such as non dairy items soy milk, rice milk, fortified margarine, salmon, herring, mackerel, and eggs.

Hot meals are a way to help manage weight, heat up a light meal that you normally enjoy in the summer so that you don’t go for something heavier. Make oatmeal instead of cold cereal, a toasted sandwich with lean meats, and a slow cooked casserole made with vegetables and lean meat (only a palm size serving of meat will do). Make a half of your plate with salad so you don’t overeat on the heavy food. Add lots of green vegetables to salads and other recipes in order to keep up with nutrients. Find foods that are high in antioxidants and add them to meals and to salads, experiment and try new and different things. Instead of lettuce in your salad use spinach and try other things such as brown rice, quinoa and couscous. Also make sure to eat locally grown sourced seasonal foods for more nutrients.

Carbohydrates are necessary to have a healthy eating plan and in cold weather most crave them. Carbs help to boost serotonin levels which do fall in the cold winter months. Instead of choosing white bread and cakes try whole grains and vegetables so that you aren’t eating bad carbs. Try eating sweet potatoes (avoid white potatoes which turns to sugar in the body and raises your glucose levels), porridge, seeded breads (try to select flourless), and, of course, oatmeal (steel cut oatmeal has more nutritional value).

Don’t forget soup. If you have soup already in containers in the freezer, you can just heat them in whenever you crave a snack. It’s better than searching for something good to eat in the cupboards. It can also help you to cut back so you do not overeat during a meal. Researchers have found that eating a bowl of soup before lunch and dinner will reduce calorie intake by 20%.

Exercise is necessary as well. If you do not wish to do utilize these suggestions, I have a variety of recent posts with alternatives. Find a way to do resistance training at home, buy a stationary bike, or think outside the box. Take up rock climbing at an indoor center, cycling classes, or take tennis lessons or indoor badminton. There are actually lots of ways to exercise without doing the same old thing and you might discover some type of new passion in trying new ways to exercise. Many of you may know this, but my favorite indoor and outdoor activity is using the “jump rope.”

Remember you have to find the passion that will drive you to stay fit and trim not only with exercise but also eating healthy. Visit health food stores and find which health foods you would enjoy the most, use them in smoothies while also eating healthy.

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5 Steps to Detox Your Body After The Winter Months

cat_DetoxificationThe winter months in certain areas can be very hard on the body. With the winter months coming to an end, it may be time to detox your body. A cleanse is a great way to do that and there is a simple one week cleanse that you can use.

Here are the 5 steps to your one week cleanse:

1. Soup – do a 2 day soup fast. Make a big batch of soup, vegetable or bean with extra cabbage and a dash of miso paste (low to sodium-free). Eat a big bowl for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a cup for snacks. It provides nutrients throughout the day and it is filling, low in calories and has plenty of fiber, fluid, protein, vitamins A, B and C as well as probiotics.

2. Clean diet – spend the other 5 days eating clean, healthy foods. Avoid dairy, sugar, alcohol, coffee, tea, red meat and chicken. Eat fresh clean vegetables or whole grains, raw nuts, seeds, legumes. Have 2-3 pieces of fruit a day, as well as herbal tea and clean fresh water.

3. Exercise – try to commit to about an hour a day during this week and push yourself to the max every time. You can even break this time up into 30 minute time frames.

4. Skin – before you bath or shower use a loofah or brush and spend 10 minutes moving in a gentle upward motion. From toes to thighs, fingers to upper arms, belly to back – avoid the face. After bathing use coconut or olive oil with a couple drops of rosemary or sage to enhance circulation and detoxification.

5. Mind – you must cleanse your mind as well. Meditate, pray, use mindfulness, yoga, belly breathing, or even petting your pet for at least 30 minutes a day in order to clear your mind and declutter the stressful thoughts.
Now you are ready for summer! Detoxification of the body, mind and soul is a good way to start out the season with a clean slate. Remember you should always try to eat healthy and avoid most of those listed in step 2.

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Why Following A Healthy Lifestyle Is So Important To Reducing Chronic Disease – Part 2

grocery fruits and vegetablesIn the first part of this post I discussed that following a healthy lifestyle helps to maintain proper body functions and what you should be looking for in the foods that you eat. Today I want to concentrate on the benefits of eating produce has on your health. I’m sure that while you were growing up your mother told you to eat all of your vegetables and if you are a mother you have probably told your children to do the same but do you know why you should eat your vegetables? Eating fruits and vegetables has been linked to lowering the risk of chronic diseases and may help in protecting yourself from certain types of cancer.

It just happens that most people don’t eat enough produce today even though it seems to have such nutritional value. Fruits and vegetables, if prepared without adding in sugar or fats, are very low in calories so eating more can help you to maintain a healthy weight and in turn a healthier lifestyle. The nutrients in fruits and vegetables vary so it is important to eat a variety, eating dark-green, red and orange vegetables along with beans and peas will add that variety.

Here are some tips to include more produce to your meals:

 Keep frozen and fresh produce when possible, if not canned and dried fruit and vegetables, on hand. If buying canned produce (drain), fruits should be packed in juice for less added sugars and calories and choose low sodium vegetables and should also be drained.

 Try new types of produce while preparing them in different ways to keep it fun. Texture is important when it comes to sandwiches, so add veggie toppings like raw cucumber, avocado slices or pickled carrots. Add flavor to breakfast by topping oatmeal with berries or banana slices. Create a gluten-free or vegan dessert.

 Many people drink more than half of their fruit as juice, which often contains a significant amount of added sugar. Whole fruit contains fiber and other nutrients without the added sugar. When drinking juice, make sure it is 100% juice without added sugars or my favorite make your own using a juicer.

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