More Tips on Avoid Winter Weight Gain

weight-loss-tipsIn an earlier blog, I discussed ways to avoid winter weight gain. I have a few more tips for you. Vitamin D deficiency happens because most people are not able to enjoy the sunshine which in turn affects mood and a motivation to eat healthy and exercise regularly. – as it is also, according to research, associated with obesity. Eating certain foods will also help with levels of vitamin D being maintained, such as non dairy items soy milk, rice milk, fortified margarine, salmon, herring, mackerel, and eggs.

Hot meals are a way to help manage weight, heat up a light meal that you normally enjoy in the summer so that you don’t go for something heavier. Make oatmeal instead of cold cereal, a toasted sandwich with lean meats, and a slow cooked casserole made with vegetables and lean meat (only a palm size serving of meat will do). Make a half of your plate with salad so you don’t overeat on the heavy food. Add lots of green vegetables to salads and other recipes in order to keep up with nutrients. Find foods that are high in antioxidants and add them to meals and to salads, experiment and try new and different things. Instead of lettuce in your salad use spinach and try other things such as brown rice, quinoa and couscous. Also make sure to eat locally grown sourced seasonal foods for more nutrients.

Carbohydrates are necessary to have a healthy eating plan and in cold weather most crave them. Carbs help to boost serotonin levels which do fall in the cold winter months. Instead of choosing white bread and cakes try whole grains and vegetables so that you aren’t eating bad carbs. Try eating sweet potatoes (avoid white potatoes which turns to sugar in the body and raises your glucose levels), porridge, seeded breads (try to select flourless), and, of course, oatmeal (steel cut oatmeal has more nutritional value).

Don’t forget soup. If you have soup already in containers in the freezer, you can just heat them in whenever you crave a snack. It’s better than searching for something good to eat in the cupboards. It can also help you to cut back so you do not overeat during a meal. Researchers have found that eating a bowl of soup before lunch and dinner will reduce calorie intake by 20%.

Exercise is necessary as well. If you do not wish to do utilize these suggestions, I have a variety of recent posts with alternatives. Find a way to do resistance training at home, buy a stationary bike, or think outside the box. Take up rock climbing at an indoor center, cycling classes, or take tennis lessons or indoor badminton. There are actually lots of ways to exercise without doing the same old thing and you might discover some type of new passion in trying new ways to exercise. Many of you may know this, but my favorite indoor and outdoor activity is using the “jump rope.”

Remember you have to find the passion that will drive you to stay fit and trim not only with exercise but also eating healthy. Visit health food stores and find which health foods you would enjoy the most, use them in smoothies while also eating healthy.

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Not So Secrets to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

avoid-winter-weight-gainThe majority of people will put on a little weight during the colder months sometimes out of boredom or because of impulse. The more organized you are with meals the less likely you will be to put on weight. The best way to be organized is to plan ahead. One way to avoid impulsive meals is to use recipes that are healthy and cook up lots of meals and freeze them.

You should cook from home at least 85-90 % of the time so that you can control what goes into your recipe. This is the one of the most beneficial ways to keep weight management easy, when you hand control over to someone else, such as a restaurant or fast food, then you don’t have the ability to eat healthy or choose what ingredients are used in your food. When cooking at home you also have the ability to cook extra so that you will have something healthy to eat at work as well. Get creative and find recipes that not only are healthy but are also different.

You can also substitute things like soup instead salad. It’s nice to have something warm during those colder months and you can fill yourself up with actual calories in order to keep hunger at bay. You can cook healthy vegetable soup and put them in containers to freeze for use with other meals or for lunches. You can add things like barley and bok choy for an added hearty taste and a quick meal. Again get creative, experiment a little by trying clear broth, lentil or vegetable. Don’t want to eat to warm up try a little herbal tea instead.

Colder weather also makes us form bad habits not just with food but also with exercise. No one wants to go out in the cold, snow or rainy weather but in order to help with weight management it is best to stay with moderate activity on a daily basis with a day off each week. It also helps to change up your workouts daily – don’t work out the same part of the body each day. There are ways to exercise at home without going out into the cold, get a yoga or workout video, get a jump rope and a place you can use it in the house, a bar for pull-ups, a workout station with a bench or a treadmill or other equipment that is similar. If you don’t mind going out in the cold but don’t want to run in, invest in a gym membership only if you’re to use it!

If you are planning on going out to a restaurant with friends or coworkers then plan ahead for the meal. Look into the restaurant’s menu and see what meals they offer and if they offer a healthy choices. If you are a meat eater, you may select grilled fish, or lean steak or broiled/boiled chicken and don’t get any potatoes, try to substitute potatoes with vegetables or brown rice. Drink water instead of diet pop or beer, it will help to fill you up. The biggest deal is to remember portion control as sometimes restaurants increase you portion sizes.

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Mavis Kelley, CHHC, AADP is a Certified Integrative Health and Wellness Life Coach specializing in nutrition, health, well-being, fitness and lifestyle design. For more information or to schedule a breakthrough session, please contact her at: or visit her website at: